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Default Re: OC guild character discription/ registration.

A Long overdue update. Shia is the same, but Kendrick's been walking and talking for a while, so I'm adding some info and pics


Name: Shia Leander

Age: 19

Height: 189 cm

Weight: 69 kg

Species/Race: Elf

Equipment: elm bow and full quarrel of arrows, armour (full), dagger and hunting knife.

Weapon: Bow and arrow, dagger and hunting knife.

Abilities: pyromancy/ fire manipulation: he can make a shield, fireballs that explode, arcs of fire that work a bit like whips, flame arrows, and can make things spontaneously combust from the inside out (but he does not use this last one... Ever)

Skills: forrest ranger, outdoor survival, tracking

A loyal vassel of Her Majesty Morraidd, queen of the Silver Lake Elves, he's been sent on a scouting expedition to canvas unexplored territory. Trained as an archer and ranger since a young age, he is still in fact regarded as a child, but because of his fire wielding the elders decided that he'd better get out of the village to better learn to control his powers where no one of the clan could be injured.

First and foremost, he is curious. About the outside world, about the people in it, all of it. He's rather shy, but friendly and forthright. He's not much of a leader, but that doesn't mean he's purely a follower either, preferring to take his own initiative most times.

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After finding a strange glass orb with a crystal cat curled around it, he coincidentally finds out that the orb absorbs his fire magic. After feeding it a substantial amount of magic, the orb cracks and breaks to reveal a flame cat. The cat very quickly changes to look like a normal black cat, but can also appear in a human form (this uses up a lot of energy though)

Name: Kendrick Ross
Species: familiar (possibly fire djinn)
Info: he can talk, knows about fire spells, and often advises Shia. Otherwise he's pretty mysterious.

Age: mystery, he spent many years as a crystal cat ornament

Height: 192cm (when human)

Appearance: Longish auburn hair and tanned complexion, not overly muscled, but lean and strong. He's lithe as a cat, and when he fights as a cat he can increase his size to that of a panther, roughly. He is a black cat. He has red coloured eyes as a man,

Ability (inate): As a fire familiar he has some special abilities, he can take on the form of a human man if he has enough raw magic from Shia.

Combat ability: He's a fire djinn/familiar so he can manipulate fire, and enhance Shia's pyromancy. He's also skilled at hand to hand combat from years of experience. Nothing fancy, he's just learnt a lot about surviving conflict.

History: He had some previous mage, to whom he was close, but got left behind in a dragon cave for no apparent reason, where Shia found him.

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