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Default Re: OC guild character discription/ registration.

Hi, I've decided I wanted to register these two here too, because I want to use them more often. They're not really fighters though, but I'll work on training them, especially Mikail.

Okay, I'd really like to get these two registered together, because they're a pair and you won't find one without the other.

Warning though, they're a shonen-ai/ yaoi couple

Picture: left is Mikail, right is Noah

Click here to see full text

Name: Mikail Surgis

Age: 20

Height: 173cm

Weight: 59kg

Appearance: he'd got blood coloured eyes, brown hair, fair complexion, lean/lightly muscled build. His clothing style includes lots of ripped jeans, hooded tops, black, chains, designs, so he's pretty much a punk. He's got a multitude of earrings, a lip ring and eyebrow ring, both on the left.

Species: human

Abilities: he's a psychic, his specific power is to find things. He can find anything with minimum info as a prompt, and even map out a path towards it.

Weapon: he owns a gun.

His father is a scientist, and from a young age he's been all but tortured to improve his powers. When he stopped showing improvement though, his fathers supporters began having doubts about his abilities so ditched the project. He escaped his father at age 16.

Personality: he's sarcastic, suspicious, but really deep down he's pretty straight forward and practical. He hides a kind heart behind barbs of indifference and rebellion.

Name: Noah Sena

Age: 24

Height: 184cm

Weight: 61kg

Appearance: Noah has grey eyes, a olive-cream complexion, wears glasses, has black hair that he keeps long enough to touch his shoulders. He's very proper when it comes to his appearance, and prefers a more smart casual approach to style. His predominant colours to dress in his black and silver.

Species: human

Abilities:he's a psychic vampire and can manipulate others life force, either to kill them outright, or as he's recently discovered, to heal their wounds.

Weapons: he was a hired assassin, and is profficient with daggers, either throwing daggers, or for hand to hand combat, but he prefers stealth when on an actual job (which he doesn't take on anymore, so that's a bit irrelevant).

Background: Noah was a lost child in his youth, surviving on his own in a dangerous city. His ability to kill people without touching them kept him safe but left him emotionally scarred, as well as making him rather conspicious to the many gangs that populated his home town. After being advised by a thoughtful stranger to use a knife cause it was less noticable he quickly becomes proficient. He gets assimilated into a local syndicate at the age of 14 and stays with them till he has had enough of that life and made enough money to comfortably strike out on his own, breaking ties with his trusted gang leader.

Personality: Noah comes across as emotionless, as impatient with people in general, and is rather mysterious and silent. He doesn't like to say more than what needs to be said, and can't stand frivilous people. He's introverted and solitary at the best of times.

Their shared history:

When Mikail's father comes after him again Mikail's world gets turned upside down. Somehow he gets thrown head first into Noah's life and together with the help of Mikail's older brothers and Noah's old aquaintances they avoid possible disaster. The end of this trial finds Noah and Mikail with an unshakable trust and an unbreakable bond that has grown into an interesting and dynamic love.
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