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Default Re: Council of Knights registration

Name: Ciaran Lochlann (pronounced Kieran)

Age: 27 (is that realistic?)

Gender: Male

Height: 189cm

Weight: 90kg

Class: Knight

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Personality: He's serious and believes in hard work and perseverance, and doing what is right unfailingly. He's not loud or overly friendly, but once won, he is a loyal friend who will risk his life to protect you. He keeps his promises. He's a cynic at heart, and doesn't easily trust peace or long periods of contentment.

Weapon: Armed Sword (Long sword, one handed)

Sheild: Modified Kite shield (heated shield)

Armor: Plated/ Splinted mail and barbute helmet (the one you can see the face)

Mounts: Chestnut Gelding (war horse)

Biography: His father was a knight in the kingdom, and so was his father's father and so on for many generations. This has become a family tradition in which he willingly took part. But after the death of his brother he quickly realised the glamour of the job was only so much fancy and wishes. He has refused to marry, and left his mother in his sibling's care, deciding to apply for the post his deceased brother had set his goals towards in life.

Name: Aiden Branan

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Height: 183cm

Weight: 83kg

Class: Page (in training to be a knight)

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Personality: He's straight forward and jaded towards figures of authority, but once you've earned his trust and respect he'll not be wary of you. He's idealistic about the world, and believes there is a way to better it.

Weapon: Double handed, double edged Claymore

Sheild: none

Armor: modified chain-male and a sallet helm over chainmail hood.

Mounts: Bay mare

Biography: Born in a small, poor village, he is the 6th son of a crofter who once fought for the national guard. Unhappy with his life he decides to persue his goal of being a knight, and when he gets the chance to apprentice under Ciaran, he begs his father to release him from the farm and it's duties. Knowing his son was never happy in their little village, and wanted the adventure of travelling with a knight, Ross Branan gives him his sword and weapons and sends his son off.

((Okay, this is a blegh profile for both of them, I couldn't think of other bios... I'll make due with it though))
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