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Default Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy

Name: Monkey D. Luffy!
(Also known as Strawhat Luffy..)

Age: 17

Gender: Male..

Height: Unknown..

Weight: Unknown..

Race: Human (Rubber-Human)..

Class: ???

Home: East Blue..

IQ: 0.02

Weakness: Water..

Bounty: 300.000.000 Beli!

Did you read the rules?: Yes..

Did you looked if this character was free?:

Appreance: He is mostly wearing a red vest, and blue shorts, sandals and a strawhat. The strawhat he got from Shanks, one of the most famous pirates in the world. He has a scar under his left eye, which he got as a kid, when he tryed to convince Shanks, that he was worthy to become one of his pirates. Never touch it!
His trademark is a Strawhat, which makes him and his crew: The Strawhat pirates!

Personallity: Loves food and adventures. Using his instinks more than his brain, and is often getting in trouble by the following. His luck on the other hand allways seems to get him out again. And if that shouldn't work, there is allways the fighting-way out. He is really naive, and falls for allmost everything you tell him.
Luffy's dream is to become the Pirate King, by finding One Piece, the deceased Pirate King Gol D. Roger's treasure. He said that the only reason he wanted to become the pirate king is because he figured that the pirate king is the person who has the most freedom. Although his ambitions are that great, he is portrayed as a carefree and sometimes airheaded character which has a huge appetite, and often eating to the point of becoming comically fat.
Knowing the dangers ahead, he is willing to risk his life and possibly die trying to reach his goal.
Despite all of his experiences over the course of the series, Luffy is still fairly immature, although he has shown some development into his character. He invites several people, such as Chopper or Brook, onto his crew without having any idea of their professions. His main reason is because of their interesting appearances or personalities. He is rarely concerned with the consequences of his actions, doing what he feels even if it leads to retaliation by a powerful force.
This even includes punching out a World Noble, an aristocrat whose horrible deeds such as slavery and murder go unpunished by the World Government, even though doing so would result in an extremely powerful government soldier being sent to the island

However, he is an extremely loyal captain, who has demonstrated at many points throughout the series that he is willing to risk his life for the well-being of his crew, even if it means defying the World Government.

Abilities: Luffy gained rubber-like stretching powers from eating the Gum Gum devil fruit (also refered to as Gomu Gomu no Mi, ゴムゴムの実, Gum Gum Fruit in the English versions), at the cost of never being able to swim again, like all of the Devil Fruit users in One Piece. Luffy uses the malleability of his limbs to achieve tremendous velocity to strike enemies with devastating impact. His rubber body is virtually immune to recoil attacks. As such, blunt objects, punches and even bullets deflect off his body harmlessly. However, he can be hurt by regular blows if they are strong enough.
Luffy's most powerful abilities are his upgraded Gears, which he developed after being beaten effortlessly by Admiral Aokiji. Luffy's Gears are used to enhance his basic attacks, and are regarded as different forms of his regular body. To date, Luffy has used two forms in the story; Gear Second and Gear Third. In the former form, Luffy uses the elasticity of his rubber body to pump blood from his calves in his whole body at enhanced speed, boosting up his metabolism at a superhumanly fast rate.
Doing so, he becomes able to move and react at superhuman speeds, and hit with a greatly enhanced strength, paying the toll of a reduced stamina and a telltale increase in his body temperature. Gear Third, instead, activated by biting his own hand down to the bone and blowing air in the open wound, grants him giant, oversized limbs with a far greater striking surface. But there is a side effect to using Gear Third. Luffy shrinks and he can't use his Gum-Gum powers until he returns to normal. He has also shown that he is capable of using both techniques simultaneously during his fight with Gecko Moria, although it greatly strains his body.
Luffy has also demonstrated the innate ability to intimidate a foe into submission without throwing a single punch, much like his hero Red-haired Shanks, who did the same to the local sea monster at Luffy's village. This ability is known as "haki" (alternatively called "spirit", or rougly translated as "ambition" from Japanese) in the world of One Piece.

GUM-GUM BALLOON (gomugomu no fuusen / attack)
Luffy's ultimate way of averting flying ammunition: he sucks in so much air that he turns into a balloon. (think go go gadget balloon and you got the idea)

GUM-GUM BATTLEAXE (gomugomu no ono / attack)
Luffy's version of a heel-drop, where he stretches one leg high into the air, and drops his heel straight down from waaaay up in the sky.

GUM-GUM BAZOOKA (gomugomu no bazu-ka / attack)
Luffy's two-handed attck where he bends both arms far back, and uses the recoil off of both arms to simultaneously hit the target (in a shape similar to that of the initial Kamehameha of Dragon Ball).

GUM-GUM BELL (gomugomu no kane / attack)
A close-range attack of a sort where Luffy pulls his head far back, and gives the target one nasty headbutt (and thus, this attack works better if Luffy is clinging to the target).

GUM-GUM BULLET (gomugomu no dangann (buletto) / attack)
Similar to the Gum-Gum Pistol, but in this case, the arm comes completely straight like the path of a bullet after being fired out of the pistol.

GUM-GUM FRUIT (gomugomu no mi / devil fruit)
The first devil fruit of the series. Luffy ate it when he was seven years old. This particular nut turns the eater's body into rubber that is on occasion tougher than steel.

GUM-GUM GATTLING (gomugomu no gatorinngu / attack)
Luffy's two-handed attack where he pounds the targets with repeated blows coming from both arms so quickly that it seems like he is elongating about 10 or 20 arms to punch the target out, like a gattling gun.

GUM-GUM HAMMER (gomugomu no tsuchi / attack)
Luffy's two-handed attack where he twists his two arms together, grabs the target, and uses the unwinding recoil to dizzify the target, then slam the dizzy target into the ground.

GUM-GUM LARGE HAMMER (gomugomu no ootsuchi / attack)
Similar to a Gum-Gum Hammer, but in this case Luffy uses his legs instead of his arms.

GUM-GUM LARGE SCYTHE (gomugomu no ookama / attack)
What happens when the Gum-Gum Scythe is done with both arms simultaneously.

GUM-GUM PISTOL (gomugomu no juu (pisutolu) / attack)
The first attack Luffy uses in the series. One arm (either will do) gets swung back then elongated forwards to hit the target like someone shooting a pistol.

GUM-GUM ROCKET (gomugomu no roketto / attack)
Similar to the Gum-Gum Pistol, but in this case, Luffy uses the elongated arm to grab something of higher elevation, and uses the recoil to quickly reach a footing higher above ground.

GUM-GUM SCYTHE (gomugomu no kama / attack)
Luffy's attack where he uses something similar to the Gum-Gum Rocket to propel himself sideways, then attacks with his other arm in a fashion similar to a lariat.

GUM-GUM SPEAR (gomugomu no yari / attack)
Luffy's foot attack where he stands on his head and puts the soles of his feet together, and extends the legs in such a way that the toes become the point of a spear.

GUM-GUM WHIP (gomugomu no muchi / attack)
One of Luffy's foot attacks where he elongates his foot to sweep the legs and torsoes of multiple targets (like a group of Marines heading towards him).

Items/Weapons: His body.

Overview: Luffy grew up in a town named Fuschia Village. While defending the Red Hair pirates' honor from a gang of mountain bandits, Luffy is kidnapped by their leader, Higuma. Higuma takes Luffy hostage and escapes to sea, throwing Luffy overboard when he is no longer of use to him. (Luffy can't swim..)

Luffy is then almost swallowed by a fearsome Sea King; one of a variety of mammoth sea monsters that inhabit the oceans of the One Piece world. Shanks saves him from the creature, losing his arm in the process. This event only serves to steel Luffy's determination and when Shanks and crew leave the island, Luffy decides to set his sights on becoming the "Pirate King". Luffy's 300 Million Bounty earned him rank 2nd of the 11 Supernovas Pirates, with Zoro.

Luffy is the son of Monkey D. Dragon, brother of Portgas D. Ace, and the grandson of vice-admiral, Monkey D. Garp.
His mother is unknown.
But it has been revealed, that her maiden name is Portgas, just like his brother Ace.
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