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Unread 11-22-2010, 04:36 AM
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Default Anborn Kementari [Exile]

Did you read the rules?: Indeed

Is your character an actual anime/movie character? or an origional character?: Original

Did you looked if this character was free?: No, because he's my own creation

Name: Anborn Kementari

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 204 lbs.

Species: Abh/Dragon/Cillian (Abh are a much stronger cousin of the Elves, the Cillians are Immortals who control the aspects of the universe)

Class: Mercenary/Exile

Appearance: Anborn's appearance is very rugged due to his long Exile. His black hair hangs just above his shoulders, framing his gray eyes. The band of gold around the pupils, however, set him apart from the others of his race, and very few know the true meaning behind this symbol. His father had previously conducted an experiment, resulting in the scales of a black dragon being permanently infused to his skin, long, sharp and black nails that are about an inch long. To cover this, he usually wears a tattered black cloak and a long sleeved shirt. Simple black pants and soft leather boots complete his outfit. Under his cloak, strapped to his back, he carries his black-bladed sword, Zetsumei. However, because of the curse, he keeps it strapped vertically with the hilt pointed to the ground to prevent its use. At his waist he carries the Chain Rod, a magical weapon that shifts its appearance based on a set of command words spoken in the ancient tongue by the user. If you happen to catch him without shirt or cloak, you'll be able to see the evidence of his ascension to manhood; a tattoo of a sword running down his back. You'll also be able to see the evidence of his curse, the tattoo of flames licking up his back near the bottom of that sword.

Personality: Confident and honorable. His Exile has made him very serious and laconic. Another drawback is he has become very advers to large groups, preffering solitude over the company of others. He has a very serious concept of justice, and will go to great lengths to make sure that the wicked get their just reward for their actions.

Transform – Not even Anborn truly knows what happens to him when he transforms, but when he awakens, he can't remember anything, but the landscape around him, for miles usually, is shattered beyond recognition, but always looks like old battle scars. He once estimated that he was out for ten days before finally awakening to the devastation around him. Even after that, he was still exhausted for days afterwards. It is unknown at this time if this has anything to do with the Madness or not.

Madness – Anborn's mind has slowly but surely been slipping further into Chaos and Darkness. If he does not keep a tight grip over his emotions, he will temporarily lose himself and go into a berserk rage. He fears that one day he might not be able to bring himself back.

Zetsumei - A long sword that Anborn carries with him always, strapped vertically to his back so that the handle is facing downwards. In order to wield it, he must reach behind himself to pull the blade free. Few have ever survived seeing this blade freed, but rumors about that the blade is not only as black as night itself, it also plunges everything around it into darkness. There are many rumors about this sacred blade, but none have been willing to test their might against it, or its owner. One thing that most agree on is that it was crafted long ago from an unbreakable metal.

Chain-Rod - To the normal person, this appears only as a small rod, only about a foot in length. However, this rod is not all that it seems. With a spoken command known only to Anborn, this small rod springs into a full 6 and a half foot staff, the same width from top to bottom. Further, when another command is uttered, the Chain Rod becomes a three-piece rod, split into three equal lengths, attached by chains to the middle piece. With another command, he is able to re-solidify it into a staff again, and with another, able to shrink it back down to its small length for easy storage. While in extended or three piece mode, he can command the ends to withdraw their protective covering and become a double bladed staff.

Biography: Born in the Kinon village on the outskirts of the Exiled Lands, he is the only child of Jadia and Kenshin. His true father was killed when they fled from the hub of Abh society, and Anborn knows little of the man that was his real father, though Kenshin has filled the role quite well. His training proceeded as was normal for an Abh society, training with his mother until he was 20, with his father until he was 25. When he was 17, his father, ever the alchemist, fashioned a set of dragon scale gauntlets that he and his brother felled many years ago. He gave them to Anborn to try on. When he did, the gauntlets didn't fit properly, so Kenshin poured a vial of Dragon's blood on them. A few moments later, the gauntlets did indeed tighten properly, but also awakened the latent power in the Dragons of those days; self regeneration. Thus, the gauntlets fused themselves into Anborn's skin, forever becoming a part of his body.

Screaming in pain, Anborn nearly destroyed his vocal chords before the pain caused him to pass out. When he woke several hours later, he winced at the pain that racked his body, and gazed at his hands. Where normal hands were, now there were claws, not very long, but black and threatening. His arms also looked as though they were diseased. It took him a long while to get used to the idea that his claws could now slice through anything. Needless to say, it didn't take him too long to figure out how to scratch with care.

His ascension ceremony went smoothly, completing each of the three tests in turn; the Test of Wisdom, the Test of Endurance, and the Test of Skill. After defeating his father, he was then proclaimed a man to all that were present, the tattoo on his back symbolizing his ascension. It was then that his father told Anborn about the legendary sword that had been passed down through their family, and gave it to him with explicit instructions to use it only when absolutely necessary, and that should he draw it in the presence of another, that he had to destroy them, for few should ever have the right to see the naked blade.

It so happened that Anborn and his best friend, Rand, went to the Human territories four years later to participate in a tournament. On his way to register, he was stopped by a small, curious looking man with tiny eyes and thin cheeks. The man told him of an ancient relic he had managed to bring out of some ruins several years back and had decided to sell. After brief haggling, Anborn now held the Chain Rod, along with the spoken commands to allow the weapon to function properly. Anborn and Rand both participated in the Tournament together, and both finished in the semi-finals before they were finally defeated.

Upon their return, the village was in flames. Dark clouds began to swirl overhead and lightning struck wildly. Anborn ran to the center of the town to see his father, Kenshin, fighting against a flame demon. Anborn stared in horror as in a moment of hesitation, the demon struck down the only father he had ever known. Screaming wildly, Anborn drew the sword that had been given to him for doing so well in the tournament, and charged the thing. The demon easily disarmed Anborn and knocked him senseless. Then, he spoke words that were, at the time, unfamiliar to Anborn, and struck him full across the back with a short rod that he pulled from his waist. Wave upon wave seared Anborn's flesh and burned from the small of his back up. Just before he passed out, he heard the demon whisper, “Never shall you draw your sword again.”

When Anborn finally awoke, his back was bandaged and he lay resting in a hut that had somehow escaped the burning, Rand sleeping softly nearby. Anborn rose and gathered what little he had left, including Zetsumei.

He disappeared soon after.

He has spent the past several years honing his skill, harnessing the rage and grief, and battling the ghosts of his past. And now he has returned, fighting the Madness which threatens to consume him, willing himself to go on to exact his final revenge on the demon that he named “Ibanshi,” or “the Cursed One” in his native tongue.

"I have faced my enemy and broken the Abyss" - Anborn Kementari
RPG Characters: Anborn Kementari; Loren Haze; Shadow; Xandor Tik'Roth
Unread 11-22-2010, 10:37 AM
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Default Re: Anborn Kementari [Exile]

I enjoyed reading this. excellent and approved.

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