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Unread 11-23-2010, 06:57 PM
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Default Shadow

Did you read the rules?: Yup

Is your character an actual anime/movie character? or an origional character? Original

Did you looked if this character was free?: I created him

Name: Shadow (real name unknown)

Age: Unknown, assumed to be 25-30

Gender: Unknown, assumed to be Male

Height: 5'8”

Weight: Unknown, assumed to be 180

Species: Unknown, assumed to be Human

Class: Ninja/Mercenary

Appearance: He is dressed in the typical Ninja outfit: Black long-sleeved shirt, black pants and black soft leather boots that go halfway up his calf. A deep crimson sash is wrapped around his waist. He also has a full black mask, covering his entire head, with a small slit for his icy blue eyes and a black bandana with a 3 foot long tail. The hanlde's of his Sai's can be seen protruding from his sash on either side, several daggers neatly hidden from view, and his Katana and Wakazashi are proudly displayed, hung over his right shoulder, the strap made of black leather

Personality: Shadow is a cold-hearted killer. He feels nothing anymore, and would rather see you dead than living. Truely not one to be trifled with or considered lightly. He is the top rated killer in the world, and he takes his "art" very seriously

Attacks: Sneak attack: If he is able to catch his opponent unaware, he is able to deal extra damage from an attack.
Shuriken storm: He throws a dozen shurikens at a single enemy or at multiple ones.

Abilty's: Judgement: The ability to rightly determine truth from lie.
Night Vision: He can see in darkness as well as daylight

Items/Weapons: Katana, Wakazahsi, Sai x 2, Daggers (unknown amount), Shuriken (unknown amount)

Biography: As you walk in to the hut, your nostrils are filled with a strange incense. You're not sure if it's a good thing or not, but it isn't too offensive, so you let it pass. The hut is dark and musty, its only source of light a small fire built in the center, the smoke rising through a small hole made at the top of the hut. The walls are covered with various animal skins and furs, and there is the head off a mighty, but unknown, creature hanging just above the doorway that you had just entered.

An Old Man sits cross-legged just accross from the fire, facing you, but looking down, working on something. As you walk to the fire and sit down across from the Old Man, you see that he is working on a book, flowing script coming from a quill pen of a bird that you do not recognize. You clear your throat and speak: "What do you know about Shadow, the Ninja?"

The Old Man slowly lifts his head and carefully sets the quill pen into an ink bottle. He lifts the book to his head and blows carefully on the page to dry the ink, then closes the book and sets it aside. He withdraws a crafted wooden pipe and lights it. He speaks slowly, defined in a low voice: Shadow is the stuff that legends are made of. His tales are not the kind that you tell small children just before they go to bed, as they will usually wake up in the middle of the night screaming, thinking that Shadow will come after them too...

As for his childhood and his early life, not much is known for sure, but there are dark hints laid every so often, and this is a compilation of that information that has been gathered from the past two years. There is indeed much that has to be told, and the story only gets more complicated as you go along. If you are willing to hazard your life, if he finds out about this, then read on, but pass this information to no one...

He was born to his parents of 19 years, the last to be born in his family. Unlike so many others, they were close-knit and very loving. To him, sibling rivalry was thought to be nothing more than a swimming contest. They lived very near to a river that fed into a small lake, crystal blue in its cleanliness.

He quickly got his nickname, Shadow, from his actions, and he soon after began to go by it, introducing himself as Shadow, his siblings and even his parents called him that due to his uncanny ability to craft the unseen shadows and pass out of sight. Realizing this, Shadow chose not to exploit it, but rather to try and just stay out of the way. The other villagers already kept a wary eye on Shadow and his family (since they had come only during the last 10 years, they were still considered outsiders, and Shadow's presence did not help the matter).

Many became afraid of Shadow, especially after he joined the Grand Master Kirachi and his school of fighting. There, each student was given a teacher, and they chose what kind of mastery they were to have. Usually, students chose Kung Fu (that was the most popular) or Judo, but Shadow had different ideals. He wanted to learn all he could. So he started with those two, and showed an incredible fascination with the deadly arts of fighting. Soon, he had completed both of those and mastered them, moving on to some of the more obscure and varied martial arts; Tae Kwon Do, Akido, Tai Chi, and many others. He had soon surpassed most of the sensei's that taught, but was unable to secure a position as one. Wherever he went, his reputation preceded him, and he was long recognized as one of the best martial arts masters of his time, and feared for it.

But one day, something unusual happened. The school was overrun by the Imperial government that sovereignly ruled. Soldiers everywhere, most of the school and their sensei's were massacred in cold blood. A very few escaped, Shadow being included in them, but it took him several days to find where the rest had hidden themselves, as he did not escape with them. Grand Master Kirachi had been taken along with his right-hand student. But he also found out something else: the Imperial Army had been tipped off about the existence of the school hidden near the Crystal Lake. And the tip came from none other than Tarik, Shadow's best friend and sparring partner.

At this, the old man stopped and took a drink from a small vial he pulled from within his flowing robes. He offers you a drought from it, which you accept gladly. The Old Man sighs after putting the vial back into his robes, again speaking softly. "At this point, the information that I have is limited. What we do know is that Shadow became enraged. In his rage, he killed the last remnants of the school that he had found. As he journeyed to the place where they held the Grand Master, he slowly began to lose himself in his thirst for revenge. Tarik came out to meet him. The battle was long and fierce, but in the end, Shadow triumphed over Tarik, and he paid for his betrayal with his life. Shadow mounted his head up on a long Pike which still sits outside of the Imperial Palace, for no one has dared to remove it for fear of Shadow's wrath."

The Old Man sighed again, opening up his book once more. "As for the rest of his life, even less is known. No one knows where Shadow is right now. The Imperial Army has long since lost track of the ninja. But they still fear him, and for good reason, for before he left, he swore an oath that one day he would be back for the Emperor himself. Ever since that time, the Emperor has tripled his guard, not that it would do him any good. In the meantime, it has been rumored that Shadow has been training himself by taking Mercenary jobs for high-ranking lords of the realm. More than that, I cannot tell you."

You rise and thank the Old Man for his time and hospitality, carefully setting down two gold coins on his book. The Old Man looks up and shows you a toothless grin as you retreat out of the entrance of the hut. You breath the clear air and stretch your tired limbs. Then, without warning, even before you hear the crack of the twig, your life flashes before your eyes and you fall down in a heap, the 3 1/2" Shuriken embedded in the back of your skull has hit its mark. The Old Man's words were true, and you will not share what you have heard with another soul, save in the afterlife...

Note: Much of this character is shrouded in mystery, hence all of the “Unknowns” in the stats section. This is intentional. Shadow is an entity, a figure, a mantle that is passed down from master to apprentice much in the same way that the Sith pass on their teachings. The identity of Shadow changes constantly as new apprentices come into play.
Also note that the information on the current iteration of Shadow is mostly made up of rumor and hearsay, some or all of the information may be deliberate falsehoods by which Shadow hangs his current reputation on.

"I have faced my enemy and broken the Abyss" - Anborn Kementari
RPG Characters: Anborn Kementari; Loren Haze; Shadow; Xandor Tik'Roth
Unread 11-24-2010, 01:56 AM
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Default Re: Shadow

Very interesting! Just reading it makes the curiousity in me flow.

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